Searching for the right cannabis products

Since I was a child, I have suffered from arthritis, and the pain has been excruciating for me.

As much as possible, I have wanted to treat my pain naturally.

I worry about becoming dependent on medications if I take any strong ones. In order to explore natural pain relief options, I recently applied for my medical marijuana card. I am not sure what type of products to use. In my research, I found that there is some debate over whether I should use THC or CBD based products to treat my arthritis pain. THC and CBD both have pain relieving properties, but they do it differently. THC and CBD activate different cannabinoid receptors, which produces different effects. I decided to give both products a try and found a routine that works for me. My favorite way to treat specific pain in the body is with a CBD roll on stick. The roll on stick provides immediate relief to my joint pain when I use it. However, I have problems sleeping at night because of some chronic pain. My sleep has improved with some THC products! I’m not sure if it’s relieving the chronic pain but it allows my body to focus less on that pain and get the rest I need.


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