Medical Marijuana Cards

My sister suffered from severe PTSD after she returned from the military.

She was no longer herself.

Sounds made her jumpy, and little things set her off quickly. Because I was distraught about her, I suggested she get a medical marijuana card. We were willing to try anything to help those who suffer from PTSD, so I heard medical marijuana can help. It was, however, a long process to get her a medical marijuana card. Her first step was to register for a program through the Medical Marijuana Registry. She then had to see a physician who could certify that she is indeed suffering from PTSD. My sister doesn’t like to talk about her troubles, so I know this step was challenging for her. After her physician certified PTSD, my sister had to spend money on a medical marijuana card, which was more expensive than we had expected. She was finally able to visit a medical marijuana dispensary. It was worth the hassle to get the medical marijuana card because it helped my sister with her PTSD. My sister began sleeping better and relaxing more. She began to look more like my sister again as her disposition changed. I am glad that I was able to help her.
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