Looking for the right marijuana products

As a result of arthritis, I’ve been suffering from pain for years. It has always been important to me to be as natural as possible when treating my pain. In addition to my worry about becoming dependent on medications, I’m also concerned about becoming dependent on them. I recently obtained my medical marijuana card so I could explore some natural options for pain relief. Nevertheless, I am unsure which type of product I need to use. For my arthritis pain, I have done some research and seen debate about using THC or CBD products. Apparently, both THC and CBD are effective at relieving pain, but they do so in different ways. THC and CBD affect the body in different ways because they act on different cannabinoid receptors. In the end, I found a routine that works for me using both products. Finally, when it comes to treating particular pains in the body, I love using a CBD roll on stick. My roll on stick provides immediate relief when I suffer from joint pain. However, I am unable to sleep at night due to some of my more chronic pain. Several THC products have helped me sleep better! Even though it doesn’t necessarily relieve chronic pain, it allows my body to focus less on the pain and rest more.
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