Looking for the right Cannabis products

I suffer from arthritis.

For years, I have struggled with the pain, but I have wanted to be as natural as possible when it comes to treating my pain. I worry that if I get on any strong medications, I will become dependent on them. I recently went through the process of getting my medical marijuana card so that I could explore some natural options for pain relief. However, I am unsure of which type of products to use. I have done some research and seen some debate over whether to use THC or CBD based products for my arthritic pain. Apparently, both THC and CBD are effective in pain relief, but they relieve pain in different ways. I learned that THC and CBD activate different cannabinoid receptors that cause different effects. I decided that I should try some of both products and I found a routine that works for me. Ultimately, I like to use a CBD roll on stick for treating specific pain in the body. I often experience joint pain, and when I use the roll on stick, it provides immediate relief. However, some of my more chronic pain causes me to lose sleep at night. I’ve found that there are some THC products that help me to sleep better. While it’s not necessarily relieving the chronic pain, it allows my body to focus less on that pain and get the rest that I need.


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