I love working at the dispensary

After high school I went right to work at the family business, and for several years that’s what I did, and I hated the work, as much as I loved my family.

  • I stuck it out to help everyone else, even though it was making me miserable, and on the way house from work I would love swinging by the cannabis dispensary, partially to buy some products, and partially to check in with the crew who worked there, these men and women seemed to like their work, and the place always had a fun, up-beat vibe to it.

On a whim, I asked to talk to the manager, and told them I was interested in a job at his cannabis dispensary. I was experienced, I was a great worker, and more than anything I just needed a change, and I felt the cannabis dispensary could give me that. The manager calmly explained that he got people like me asking to work there all the time, because people had the impression the employees just smoked cannabis and had fun all day. In fact, no one who was on shift was allowed to have cannabis in their system. That was a hard and fast rule – no smoking cannabis at work, ever. I told him that was fine, because if the working environment was good, I wouldn’t want to smoke cannabis at work! Cannabis was something I used to escape the drudgery of life, so I didn’t need more pot, I needed less drudgery! That was a month ago, and although my family is still mad at me, the cannabis dispensary is the best place I’ve ever worked.


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