Getting a Medical Marijuana Card for my sister

After leaving the military, my sister developed severe PTSD. She had lost her identity. Little things triggered her easily. I recommended she get a medical marijuana card because I was distraught about her. We were willing to try anything to help those who suffer from PTSD, so I heard medical marijuana may be helpful. However, she had a long wait to get her medical marijuana card. She began by registering for a program through the Medical Marijuana Registry. It was necessary for her to see a physician who could confirm that she indeed has PTSD. This was a difficult step for my sister because she doesn’t like discussing her troubles. In order to get a medical marijuana card, my sister’s physician had to certify PTSD, which cost more than we expected. After that, my sister had no trouble visiting a medical marijuana dispensary. Obtaining a medical marijuana card helped my sister with her PTSD, so it was worth the hassle. As a result, she was able to sleep better and relax more. As a result, her disposition changed and her appearance improved. It was my pleasure to help her.


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