CBD can help with anxiety

This causes me to toss and turn all night

My anxiety has been a problem for the past few years. Despite trying many different coping mechanisms, I couldn’t find anything that worked for me until I tried CBD products. I had heard of CBD, but I didn’t really know what it was. My doctor suggested that I go to a CBD dispensary and look for some products to help relieve my anxiety while speaking with her. Despite the fact that experts are still studying how CBD affects anxiety, it is linked to serotonin levels. CBD can boost mood and sleep. I decided to try it. A CBD dispensary sold me some CBD oil and gummies. During the day I use the oil and at night I use the gummies. It does make me feel calmer, but not significantly so. On the other hand, the CBD gummies have improved my sleep significantly. I notice a general improvement in my mental health when I get more sleep. Just before I go to sleep, I overthink all of my actions. This causes me to toss and turn all night. Even if I do get to sleep, I have stressful nightmares, so I wake up feeling sleepy. Since I started taking a CBD gummy before bed, I have slept through the night. I’m not sure if CBD is helping me with my anxiety, but I do believe that a healthy sleep schedule has had a positive impact on my mental health.
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