Attending a course on medical marijuana education

My state legalized medical marijuana a few weeks ago.

I am a practicing physician, and I have already faced a lot of questions about obtaining a medical marijuana card.

Patients also want to know what kinds of things medical marijuana can be used for. I didn’t hear much about medical marijuana in medical school. Things were not as widely accepted as they are now, and the world was different. I have decided to take the matter of medical marijuana education into my own hands if I want to be able to provide the best treatment for my patients. I enrolled in a medical cannabis certification program. My enrollment in this course will allow me to register with the state’s Medical Marijuana Program. In other words, I would be able to certify my patients’ health conditions and help them obtain a medical marijuana card. Despite the fact that I would like to assist patients in the process, I really just want to learn more about how the medical marijuana system works. I will also be able to work in a medical marijuana dispensary to recommend products to patients. Although I do not intend to leave my practice anytime soon, it is important to keep my knowledge current to help my patients. I look forward to becoming an expert in all things medical marijuana.


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