Applying for a medical marijuana card

As a result of her military service, my sister developed PTSD.

She was no longer the same person she used to be.

Her jumpiness was heightened by sounds, and she was easily irritated by little things. I suggested she get a medical marijuana card since I was distraught for her. PTSD sufferers may benefit from medical marijuana, so we were willing to try anything. However, getting her a medical marijuana card was a long process. She first had to register with the Medical Marijuana Registry. Following that, a physician had to certify that she was suffering from PTSD. Despite my sister’s reluctance to talk about her troubles, I am sure that this step was a challenge for her. After the doctor certified her PTSD, my sister had to pay for the medical marijuana card, which ended up costing more than we had expected. It was finally time for her to visit a medical marijuana dispensary. Overall, my sister’s medical marijuana card was worth the hassle because it clearly helped her cope with her PTSD. Her insomnia improved and she became more relaxed. As I watched her, I saw her disposition change, and she began to look more like my sister once again. Thank goodness she is receiving the help she needs.

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