The local pharmacies have hemp products for sale now

A few bad experiences with temperamental pharmacists at local drug stores encouraged me to start getting my medications through a mail order drug service.

I can set them to refill at the same exact time every month and they show up on the same day in my mailbox. It’s an incredibly helpful service for me, especially when the prices are lower for all of my medications compared to the nearby pharmacies. The only issue I have run into is making sure I get my medications out of my mailbox as soon as they arrive in the afternoon, otherwise there are times of the year where the sun is so hot and intense that it will cook the drugs before I get them safely inside the house. After a few bad experiences of being given the wrong tracking information and finding my medicine delivered in a bush next to my front door, I decided to try a new local pharmacy that was advertising free home delivery. Instead of relying on the mailman to safely deliver my medications, the delivery driver from the local pharmacy rings my doorbell as soon as he arrives. The pharmacy charges my credit card before the delivery technician leaves the building, so all he has to do is hand me my bag through the door once he is here. Now that this same pharmacy is selling CBD and hemp products as well, I can’t find a reason to get my medicine anywhere else. They’ll even charge the CBD oil to my card along with my medications and deliver them all to my house at the same exact time. That means I can stay at home and still get my CBD and medications delivered to my house.


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