Having a food stamp card acquires me discounts on my cannabis purchases

A vast majority of people don’t wake up in the morning plus tell themselves, “I’m going to typically ask for help all the time throughout my life.” There’s a huge amount of strength plus courage in having the humility to ask for assistance when you easily need it, however it’s also human nature to work hard towards self-sufficiency.

It makes us feel relaxed about ourselves when we are independent plus capable. My disabled enjoyed ones would honestly give anything to be as physically capable as they once were, plus it breaks my heart to see things like this. My mom told me once that her body is her prison plus it made me cry almost immediately. I am incredibly lucky that the few disabilities that I have don’t hold me back so much that they make a “normal life” essentially impossible at this stage. I have to be mindful of how I utilize my left arm, however my only real actual struggle is my finances. Applying for food stamps made me feel somewhat worthless at first, however now that I’m also getting discounts at the medical weed stores it easily feels empowering. There are some major cannabis weed stores in our state that offer discounts on all purchases if you actually utilize a food stamps card. One dispensary offers 20% off, another offers 15% off, plus the very last comes in at 10% off. That’s a pretty serious amount of savings being a food stamp recipient on top of the cash you actually get from the government. Every little bit of savings is helpful, especially when I’m buying products at the medical cannabis dispensaries in our state. Some have some wonderful deals from time to time, however others have extremely high prices on ordinary cannabis products.

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