The dispensary was filled as well as I had no arena to park

Sundays at the dispensary, everything is on sale; All of the edibles, flower, as well as cannabis concentrates are all 20% off; It’s the best day of the month to pick up top shelf flower products.

I went to the marijuana dispensary on Sunday, because delivery services were going to take 2 hours.

I didn’t guess what to expect when I went to the dispensary; The arena was packed as well as it was legitimately difficult to find parking. I drove around the parking lot for 5 minutes waiting for someone to leave, so I could take their parking spot. I waited in line outside for 10 or 15 minutes. Inside the dispensary, there was a long line of people. I spoke with a budtender as well as he took our order, however unluckyly, the dispensary was completely out of Blue Dream flower. That was 1 of the greatest reasons why I went to the dispensary. I had to settle for a odd sativa flour. I picked out super silver haze. It is comparable to Blue Dream as well as has a really fantastic flavor as well as taste. The super silver haze flower was 33% THC. It was legitimately higher than the yellow dream. I also obtained a couple of jars of cannabis concentrate. I waited about 10 minutes for our order to be filled as well as then the budtender at the counter called our name. I saved $40 on the order since it was Sunday as well as I used the savings to buy 2 bags of cannabis edibles. I decided to get a bucket of cookies as well as a bucket of chocolate brownies.

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