Really thinking about the marijuana business

Honestly, I thought just having legalized recreational marijuana was the ultimate.

For decades, I had dreamed of the morning when I could walk into a honorablemarijuana business.

Of course, that was only a fantasy for such a long time. But when there was legislation legalizing medical marijuana, I knew that the people I was with and I were experiencing what would later turn out to be a tipping point. From there, I watched as more & more states embraced the medical marijuana model. And so various people who were suffering could finally get the cannabis products to help them manage. Then, recreational marijuana was legalized & I was finally able to do what I figured my not happen in my lifetime. I walked into a cannabis dispensary & bought my first legal sativa products. It was everything that I thought it would be & more. Now, there is marijuana delivery repair in our city & even some truly high end cannabis dispensaries. They are the marijuana equivalent to the lavish wine stores. But now, I’m absolutely thinking about getting into the marijuana business. Not as a cannabis grower or cannabis dispensary owner however as an investor. It seems that the people I was with and I are right at a national tipping point when it comes to the marijuana business. It’s straight up corporate now so there truly isn’t any going backward as currency talks in this country. This leads myself and others to consider taking some of my investment currency & shifting it to the marijuana business. I’m so drastic that I’ve had meetings with those who know a lot more about the marijuana company than I do. It just seems love such a sure thing.

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