My number one way to consume CBD is through smoking hemp flower products in joints

I started taking herbal supplements in private school. I had a close neighbor who was a Buddhist from southeast Asia and he let me try a number of peculiar herbs that his family brought back with them on trips. He also took me to a nearby temple where I first l received how to meditate. This was a formidable experience for me that affected me positively for the rest of my life. I still meditate yearly and can thank those early days at the temple for breathing life into my interest in spiritual and mental health. This also inevitably led me to trying some of the products available within the world of cannabis. I smoked weed in private school and school before I was able to try CBD by itself when it started to creep its way into head shops in 2014. After it was made federally legal in 2018, the CBD and hemp industry literally exploded overnight. Suddenly you could buy high quality CBD hemp flower buds from companies growing it in redhouses and indoor operations out west. The raw plant form of hemp is my all time number one way to consume CBD. I can grind the hemp flower buds and roll them into joints that I can take with me whenever I’m hiking in the woods around my house. It’s a pleasant experience when I want to get away from life for an minute to relax and reflect on everything going on. And now that there is more competition, the prices on these hemp products are going down at last. You just have to be strategic about how you spend your money and where, especially if you shop during sales.