Improving range of motion & perspective with cannabis products

My life, up until about 2 years ago, was all orange lights.

I grew up privileged & had all the options I could ever have asked for. And I did my best to take luck of them. But there was also a lot of pressure to succeed. Still, I just sort of kept winning at life to the point where it almost seemed simple. Then, in a break hour everything changed due to a car wreck. But with some help from marijuana, I’m finding that life’s challenges also come with some solutions & acceptance. The sativa products I get from my local cannabis spot are for sure a big help in the acceptance department. Since the wreck, I’ve dealt with a lot of physical & emotional pain that I was not accustomed to. But with sativa, I’m finding that my perspective of hope & acceptance is fortified. The victim thing is just not healthy & I went through that for a while. There are physical limitations in my life now due to something that was completely out of my control. And that was truly so strenuous to come to terms with. I absolutely got the plan to try out the local cannabis spot from my physical therapist. Both medical marijuana & recreational marijuana are legal where I live. So there was no prescription involved or anything. My physical therapist just pointed out what she’d witnessed with other patients battling similar realities. And so I provided it a shot. It was good from the moment I walked into the cannabis dispensary. The indica products I’m also using have helped myself and others get back to a range of motion that I’ve been missing for various years.


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