Why is there such a stigma on marijuana.

Ever since I started using medical marijuana on a frequent basis, I have changed my outlook on marijuana.

I remember being the so-called “goody 2 shoes” while I was a younger man.

I was brought up in a honestly strict, religious household, who did not think that dancing or drug use was moral. I assume it sounds different however dancing in addition to drug use in the same sentence, however that church made it seem like they were both demons. As I aged, I realized that dancing can be a lot of fun, in addition to it does not lead to inequities. Now that I am in my 50s, I’m realizing that using marijuana does not mean that I’m a drug addict. When you use marijuana for something other than to just get high, it becomes a kind of medicine. I was taking 14 pills a afternoon, in addition to multiple of them were for my pain. Once I discovered marijuana in addition to what it could do to ease my pain, I could be rid of some of those painkillers. It was nice to not walk around my home as though I was in the fall go all the time because of pain pills ‌I was taking. I wasn’t dizzy so much of the time. Medical marijuana could take the edge off my pain in addition to giving me a lucidity that I had not had in years. I took off my blinders in addition to I could not assume that for so long there was such a stigma on medicinal marijuana use. More people need to take off their blinders in addition to realize that medicinal marijuana is for more than just getting high.



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