Why I grow my own pot

They laughed at me when I started growing pot in my room.

I was freshly moved to the city at that point, young and dumb and ready to experience life off of the farm.

My cousin had moved to the city two years previous, and it had long been my dream to join him. Finally I got enough money saved up to move, and start over in a new and exciting place. I brought a lot of my country ways with me, much to my cousin’s chagrin. He thought I was a goof for growing my own plants, because there were legal cannabis dispensaries all over the city. I was a little surprise to find such an abundance of marijuana in the city, despite all I had heard before. Not only were there two different cannabis dispensaries within walking distance of our apartment, but there were also multiple delivery services available. It was possible to legally acquire cannabis here any time of night or day, seven days a week. What an amazing world to live in, am I right? Despite the convenience factor, what I didn’t like about the cannabis dispensaries was the high prices, which was ten times more than I was used to paying. I smoke a lot of marijuana everyday, and I would put myself in the poorhouse trying to buy that much at these rates. Instead, I will buy what I need for now while I cultivate my cannabis plants, and then save hundreds of dollars a month by only getting high on my own supply.



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