The weed store is always very popular

What started out as a yoga studio turned into something much greater. I got into yoga when I was a teenager. It’s a long story, but I played football, got a serious injury, and then had to find new low-impact ways to stay in shape. I have been doing yoga ever since, for over 15 years, and it has really helped me recover both physically and mentally. What I love most about yoga is that it requires both mind and body, like exercise and meditation rolled into one, and that holistic aspect gives it power. The yoga studio I had used for so long expanded and opened a marijuana dispensary right next door. This was the first step in creating a new holistic health center, which after the weed store planned on opening a health food store and a clinic to provide acupuncture and acupressure. I did not want people just walking in off the street for weed and CBD products, I wanted the emphasis to be on holistic health. So I made the rule – the weed store was only for clients of the holistic health center, which means you could only use it if you were here for other classes or services. This made our yoga classes and massage sessions very popular, because after you finished you could go to the cannabis dispensary and buy as much as you wanted. Our clientele is very sporadic, with not a lot of people who come in more than once a week, but the weed store is always very busy, every single day.


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