The strong smell of marijuana around the dispensary.

I’m not sure what I expected the 1st time I stepped into the marijuana dispensary, however I wasn’t expecting to smell marijuana even before I even got through the doors. The smell of marijuana was so overwhelming that I was positive I would be high even before I got back outside. It’s not even like I have a ton of experience with the intense smell of marijuana, however if you smell it once, you never forget that smell. When I got inside, I commented to the head budtender about the powerful smell that was outside. She thought it was funny in addition to saying that she’s got used to it in addition to didn’t even notice anymore. I didn’t think that the strong scent of marijuana was something that I would ever get used to, because it was so wickedly pungent. That was the ‌smell that any long-term marijuana user would equate with their younger days. Even though my older brother Gary in addition to younger brother used marijuana back in the 60s, I just didn’t see any sense in using it. If they were still alive today, they would be shocked to find out that I was using medical marijuana. I guess, to be blunt, I’m a little surprised at myself for using medical marijuana. All of that aside, I’m feeling blissful that I can purchase legal marijuana for medical purposes. Over the last couple years, medical marijuana has been the only thing that has given me the ability to move out of bed in the afternoon in addition to keep moving all afternoon long. I don’t even need to think about where I would be right now, if it hadn’t been for using medical marijuana.



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