The stink of marijuana enveloped the dispensary.

I’m not sure what I should expect the first time I walked into the marijuana dispensary, even though I wasn’t planning for the stink of marijuana even before getting through the front door. The stink of marijuana was so overpowering that I was sure I would be high even before I got back outdoors. It’s not even as if I have a lot of experience with the raucous stink of marijuana, but if you stinked it once, you never forget it. When I got indoors, I commented to the budtender about the powerful stink that was outside. She thought it was cute and said that she is got used to it and did not even notice anymore. I was not aware that the scent of marijuana was something that I would ever become used to, because it was so pungent. That was the ‌stink that any long-term marijuana user could equate with their youth. Even though my older sibling and brother used marijuana back in the 1960s, I just did not see any sense in using it. If they were both alive today, they would be shocked to learn that I was using medical marijuana. I guess, to be honest, I’m a little surprised at myself for using medicinal marijuana. All of that aside, I’m thrilled that I can purchase legal marijuana for medicinal purposes. Over the last 2 years, medicinal marijuana has been the only thing that has given myself and others the ability to get out of my bed in the afternoon and keep moving all day long. I don’t even want to guess about where I might be right now, if it hadn’t been for medical marijuana.
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