Switching over to cannabis edibles

The initial reason I switched over to edibles was because of the COVID regulations for face masks.

I didn’t do it begrudgingly, like many people, I wore a mask every time I went out in public because I felt that it gave me another layer of protection.

I don’t know how effective the masks are against COVID, but I do know that I always wear one outside, and I have not gotten sick yet. However, when I am out and about for hours at a time, I obviously can’t take it off when I want to smoke. I bought some hard candy edibles infused with THC and CBD, and used those throughout the day. Since I have a longstanding condition that enables me to have a medical marijuana prescription, I can smoke outside in public and not go to jail for it. I cannot smoke cannabis inside a business, because the law forbids it, but I am actually allowed to get high whenever I want. Still, with the COVID protocols and face masks in place I felt uncomfortable taking it off so I switched over to using edibles. The physical and mental impact of cannabis edibles are very different from smoking out, but it wasn’t better or worse, just different. Edibles provide a more clear-headed high, not to mention no one around you knows how stoned you are. The transition was an easy one, and I love my edibles, although when I get home in the evening I get back to smoking, which is the proper way to use cannabis.


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