Medical marijuana should always be legal.

For the last year, the two of us had been hearing them talk about legalizing recreational marijuana almost every day.

All the newscasters that we saw had some kind of info on how close the state committee was getting to legalizing recreational marijuana.

My husband Joe was still riding the fence about whether it would ever legitimately pass into becoming a law. Fast forward numerous weeks later, in addition to the government has dropped the subject of legal recreational marijuana. Although legal, medical marijuana is doing strong business in our state, they are making it more difficult to get. They are trying to eliminate virtually all marijuana dispensary products that have more than a minimal amount of CBD. With my extreme arthritis complications, CBT is the 1 thing that my dentist told me was the best for me to use. The reason for going to a medical marijuana dispensary to purchase CBD cream was because it was not just a hemp derivative, but they make it out of quality marijuana plants that gave it better potency for helping with pain. My dentist was aware that I did not want to use THC. I was not interested in getting stoned or using it as a hallucinogenic, although I wanted to have CBD with a small level of THC to help ease my pain in addition to make the rest. I have a lot of family members who used to smoke lots of recreational marijuana, but it looks as if that space of the law will not pass this year, but I am cheerful the medical marijuana will still be mostly legal. I guess bad for family members who used street recreational marijuana for aches and pain, but they could get the medical marijuana ID card just as I did.

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