It is not easy growing cannabis

Growing pot is not easy, despite the reputation it has as a weed. I spent three years with a lawn care crew, and I can tell you for certain it is not a weed. Weeds keep growing and coming back no matter how many times you cut them down or tear them up. A weed will thrive anywhere, even in the harshest conditions. Anyone who has ever tried growing cannabis will tell you it is not easy. Pot plants are delicate, and need precise care, or you will get terrible results. Even if you do everything right, you might still get terrible results, because marijuana is a very fickle plant. I have tried my fair hand at cultivating cannabis a few times over the years, with very mixed results. It turns out the one time I had an amazing harvest of marijuana buds was a fluke, and the next time I tried I got garbage. For this reason, among many others, I am beyond relieved that there are now cannabis dispensaries all across this country. If push comes to shove, yes I can grow some cannabis, but given my druthers I would rather not do all that work. The cannabis dispensary has hundreds of different strains and hybrids, and while the cost is pretty high, I can understand why. You have to pay a premium for the top quality herb, and besides, trying to grow cannabis at home takes a long time, a lot of energy, with no guaranteed results. Going to a cannabis dispensary saves a lot of time, and that costs money.

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