I want to ask out the smoking hot manager of the cannabis dispensary

Anika has the intimidating sort of beauty, where it seems like she is out of everyone’s league.

It is due to her natural beauty, and her elegant attitude.

I have been nursing a crush on Anika since I first met her six months ago, but lack the necessary fortitude and confidence to make a run at her. I have seen her gently turn down a dozen different ment. She is always very kind about it, but I never wanted to get turned down and then have to face her every time I went into the cannabis dispensary. I met her when she became the new manager of my favorite cannabis dispensary, and I have seen her once a twice a week ever since. Every single time I go to the cannabis dispensary I see her, and smell her floral scent, and I think about asking her out. Before Anika started working at the cannabis dispensary I would only go in there every few weeks or so. I like to smoke, but for me a little marijuana goes a long way so a few grams might last me a week or more. Ever since Anika’s pretty face took up residence behind the counter, I have been buying more cannabis than ever before! I actually have a supply of extra cannabis at my home now, so I guess now is the best time to take my shot at her! The next time I got ot the cannabis dispensary won’t be for a purchase, it will be to ask her out – let the chips fall where they may.

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