I never used medical marijuana.

I hadn’t used marijuana back when I was young, in addition to I wasn’t feeling right abut using marijuana now that I was getting old.

I remembered all of the times that I had warned my kids in addition to grandkids about the dangers of using marijuana.

I believed it was a dangerous gateway drug because that is what my parents had taught me. How could I be OK about smoking marijuana products now, just because they legalized medical marijuana? I told my partner Bess how I felt about using medical marijuana, in addition to Bess said to not say anything to anyone. Bess didn’t think it was anyone’s supplier if I used medical marijuana or even recreational marijuana. Fortunately, medical marijuana was now legalized in addition to if it could help me to stay walking, Bess thought it was a nice system for me. I swallowed my pride, in addition to heading to the medical marijuana dispensary, but after speaking to the pharmacist on duty, they provided me with their recommendation on what products I should try, however he talked to me about some products called sativa, that is best for afternoon use… It helps relieve pain without making you exhausted; The next thing he brought out for me to see were some creams in addition to salves that were applied topically where the pain was the most harsh. The last thing he provided me was what he called an Indica. Indica properly has more THC content, which is used to help you ‌sleep, his recommendation was to use these sativa products in the afternoon to help me continue moving, in addition to use Indica at night, but every little while, I can also rub the cream or salve into the part where it hurts the most.

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