I love that we finally have a medical marijuana dispensary.

Last week, they opened up a new medicinal marijuana dispensary in the area. The first legal, medicinal marijuana laws had passed various years previously, but this was the first time they had a medicinal marijuana dispensary in our area. I had my medicinal marijuana ID badge for various years now, and I was happy to go to the local marijuana dispensary instead of traveling 50 miles away, but when I got to the dispenser, I had to put my medicinal ID card up to a small camera, and then wait for them to buzz myself and others in! My hubby Pat, being my caretaker, had to do the same thing with his caretaker’s ID badge, however once every one of us got through the major hurdle of getting inside, I could get help from a single of their on-site pharmacist. I explained to the pharmacist about my pain I had going from my lower back into my‌ legs, and I explained to them how my spinal column was slowly deteriorating. He showed myself and Pat various products he had to help ease the pain and make it easier for myself and Pat to walk. Some of the medicinal marijuana products were used to help eliminate the inflammation and swelling that comes from arthritis pain, which is what was causing my spinal deterioration, however driving just five or 6 miles to this new marijuana dispensary was so much easier than driving almost forty miles to the last medical marijuana dispensary that every one of us use, however being able to travel a short distance and still get all the marijuana products that I needed made my day so much easier. Pat is ecstatic to have a marijuana dispensary that is closer.

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