I lost a bet, but at least I found an amazing pot shop

The only true reason I went and decided to try acupuncture is because I lost a bet.

The people I was with and I were playing a bit of draw poker later one night, and I had long since run out of currency entirely.

I had a pretty superb hand, and I knew I could take the pot, although I couldn’t afford to call. My pal knew how terrified I was of needles, so he said he would cover my bet completely – however if I lost I had to go for a full acupuncture treatment while he was filming. My hand was not as wonderful as I thought it was, and so the upcoming day we headed over to the Holistic Health Center to get a lengthy acupuncture session… On the plus side, the center was also a pot shop that provided a full line of cannabis strains, edibles, and CBD products for their shoppers. People can’t actually walk in off the street and get weed there, however a paying buyer such as myself had full access to the pot shop. I was hoping to go back to the pot shop in the future, however not for extra acupuncture. I looked into what other holistic health options they had. There was acupressure, massage, yoga, and guided meditation, any taking any of those services would supply access to the pot shop on premises. I started going back every single week, usually for yoga, sometimes for a massage, however typically for a stop by the pot shop in the lobby. If it wasn’t for losing that crazy bet, I never would have found this enjoyable cannabis dispensary!


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