I can't wait for our cannabis dispensary to allow delivery in my area.

Not being able to drive, I have a very taxing time going to the marijuana dispensary. My hubby Bob works such long hours, and he is not in the mood to go to the marijuana dispensary when he first gets home from work. He and I usually wait until weekends, but by then the traffic gets so heavy that he gets infuriated resting in it. Last month, I heard that the medical marijuana dispensary was considering allowing delivery in my area. I was happy to hear the news. All I would have to do is go online in the afternoon, put in my order, and get it delivered that afternoon. When I went to the marijuana dispensary sureterday, I talked to them about the opportunity of having a home delivery made. The budtender said that she knew nothing about home delivery, but she asked if I would want to and she would send out her manager. When the manager came out, I asked him about the pot home delivery service? He said that it was something that the owner of the dispensary was kicking around, but they did not guess there would be enough customers who needed home delivery, so they bagged the idea. I could not have known that they did not see a need for home delivery. There were a ton of people who had the same difficulty getting to the marijuana dispensary as I did. Maybe the guy should have taken some kind of survey to see who would and would not use home pot delivery if the medical marijuana dispensary offered it. I don’t know if home pot delivery will ever come to fruition, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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