I can’t afford the cannabis dispensary anymore

This economy is crushing me these days.

I have started cutting corners that I never needed to cut before, just to make ends meet.

I don’t think I live a life of extravagance, but just maintaining a decent standard of living is getting too expensive to handle! For the first time in a decade I am carpooling, because the price of gas is ridiculous lately. I run my AC a little less, just to keep my utility bill in check. One of the first moves I had to make was to stop going to the cannabis dispensary once a week. I rejoiced when cannabis was finally legalized in this state, and was a frequent patron of the local dispensary. The prices at the cannabis dispensary are just too high for me to afford right now, seeing as how it is a luxury item, and not a necessity. I still smoke marijuana, of course, but I started buying bags of local grown stuff from a dealer in my apartment building. His cannabis is not at the high quality I got at the dispensary, but it is still pretty good stuff more often than not. The biggest thing is the price, because I can get a month’s worth of cannabis for what I was paying a week at the dispensary. You get what you pay for, this is the truth, but with money so tight I need to pay less money which means a lower caliber of cannabis. We need the economy to turn around, or to start offering bigger discounts on legal cannabis.


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