I can buy a vape pen, but I can’t vape. What?.

There are a lot of confusing aspects about the medical marijuana law in our state, however for example: it is legal to purchase marijuana flowers, but it is illegal to smoke medical marijuana.

It is legal to purchase medical marijuana concentrates that are used to make pot brownies, gummies, and other edibles.

It is illegal to purchase edibles, because they are too similar to purchasing recreational marijuana. I don’t understand where these folks are going with all these deranged laws and the way they are making them. Last year I was able to purchase a vape pen from a local smoke shop. The problem with purchasing the vape pen is that they are illegal in our state. I can buy concentrates, flowers, and cartridges for my vape pen at the marijuana dispensary. Why do they make it easy to purchase all of the items involved in vaping when vaping is still considered illegal. I’ve decided that I will buy all the products that I need from the medical marijuana dispensary. So long as I don’t announce that I am making edibles or vaping my medical marijuana, I should not get into any trouble. My real problem lies in writing this article. If someone gets word that I am using legal, medical marijuana in a way that is considered illegal, I could get into a ton of legal trouble. It makes it absolutely taxing to discern the difference between legalized, medical marijuana and what the state considers to be illegal recreational marijuana use. Maybe it would behoove the state to either change the way that people use medical marijuana, or legalize both recreational and medical marijuana.


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