A friendly rivalry between cannabis dispensaries

During the last conscription draft in the United States, over 40 years ago, a rash of young people fled the country for the safety of Canada. This was during the Vietnam era, the last time that the government forced people to join the military. Since then all of our military forces are strictly volunteer, but at the time I guess we needed more bodies. A lot of the people who fled north were hippies, or a part of that Free Love scene, and when they immigrated that brought their cannabis seeds and botany skills with them. To this day Canada is a world leader in the cultivation of the finest cannabis, and it traces its roots back to the Vietnam draft. I work at a cannabis dispensary near the US/Canada border, so I know more about it than most people. In fact, in a weird bit of local trivia, the cannabis dispensaries on either side of the border have a little bit of a friendly feud going. Everyone wants to be the best, and that means talking smack about the other country’s cannabis from time to time. A border is really just a line drawn on a map, and has no bearing on botany, which means there are very similar strains of cannabis on both sides. Yet both countries will claim that their cannabis is far and away the best, just out of sheer national pride. Something we always say is that the only reason Canada has such great cannabis in the first place is because Americans went up there to grow it!

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