You can shop virtually now

The virus has easily changed how the group of us do things.

  • It used to be that you needed to go in person for all stuff.

If you wanted to buy a pair of pliers, you had to physically go to the hardware store to get them. If you needed a plumbing corporation to look at your water heater, you were waiting around home for him, and you always needed to make an appointment, stop in and leave your home for any type of purchase. Now that COVID-19 has been lingering around, everything is delivered or virtual. I had a virtual Heating & Air Conditioning check up the other day. That was super odd. I do a virtual fitness class rather than go to the gym. My groceries and birth control are all sent directly to my home. The last store resting was my cannabis dispensary! For a while they were having people line up outside the store and taking people in one person at a time. It was like an outdated deli. You took a number and when it was called you could go inside. I hated doing that and it took forever. Now they have closed up their doors and it is virtual shopping. You can buy whatever you want off your computer and have marijuana delivery. It is a small fee for the driver to drop it off right at your front door. It is a nice repair though. I like that I don’t need to get dressed up or waste any time. If I have any questions about the products, the website has a chat feature that I can use.



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