We share the car

My partner and I share a car.

The two of us both work from the home and officially attend the same events together.

It seemed odd to have more than one car. 90% of the time it is a smart, environmentally friendly decision. 10% of the time it is a big pain in the rear. Technically the two of us own the car 50%. It seems like anytime my partner needs it however, he gets it. I have to wait for my turn. I never get priority driving; A few times a year I am left without a car when I easily need a single. My partner is unquestionably likely to drive the car to the airport when he has a boys trip and leave it there. Then I am stuck for around 3-4 days with no car. It is always strenuous when I need to get things. My bicycle works in a jam but certain sites are just too far. I don’t want to carry a case of beer and bread in my bike basket either. I also don’t want to cross two lanes of heavy traffic on a bike. I avoid biking to my marijuana dispensary. That ride is just way too spine-chilling. It is all uphill and there are tons of stopping points due to flashing lights. The cars don’t tend to watch for bikers either. When I don’t have a car and I need my cannabis flower, I just place an online order for cannabis delivery. The fee is so small compared to what I would spend money to get out of the bike ride. I much prefer having it sent directly to me.


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