We finally got the funding we needed

I had to get funding from the bank to buy the 50 acres of property on the northside of my home.

I own all of the property on the south, east, and west. The guy that owns the 50 acres of North entirely wanted a fortune and I had to get the bank to give me a loan for the purchase price. The bank didn’t want to authorize the loan for the purchase of the property, because I planned to use the property to grow medical and recreational marijuana. The bank gave me a lot of resistance at every turn. They wanted extra paperwork and notes from the government offices stating my legality for growing medical marijuana. They made me jump through hoops just to get the loan and that wasn’t even the hardest part of the process. The hardest part of the process was finding a crew to help with the initial crops. The ground had to be cleared and prepared. It took a lot of work to get the ground ready for my marijuana plants. I hired a crew of seasonal workers, despite the fact that I kept a crew of more than seven after the first crop was planted. The first harvest should be ready in 10 or 12 days. I’m excited to see the results. This is the first time this ground has ever had cannabis crops planted. In the past, it’s been alfalfa, garlic, or peppers. I’m really hoping for a plentiful harvest that I can take to the bank. I would love to earn enough from the first harvest to pay six months of loan payments.

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