Using cannabis delivery services

That way every one of us could sneak the cannabis pens into the huge music festival without detection

My fiance Pat & I are staying in a hotel while every one of us visit this town for a small getaway. It’s a long-stay hotel with a large living room suite inside, giving us everything every one of us need to survive for the next more than seven straight days. One of the huge reasons for us visiting during this time to this certain town is to attend a huge music festival that we’ve been looking forward to for at least two years as COVID has forced the concert promoters to continuously postpone. I am liking this hotel so far, especially its amenities like a pool, gym, & laundry room so every one of us can clean our clothes during the stay. Even though the living room features multiple good cooking appliances like an oven, microwave oven, mixer, coffee maker, toaster, stove, & refrigerator, every one of us decided to order yummy take-out food from local restaurants instead. We looked for sites close by with excellent ratings & then made orders. Since this is a state that has a legal recreational cannabis marketplace, every one of us decided to look at the menus of the local cannabis dispensaries. That’s where I discovered a single that is a cannabis delivery service. You make an order using the website, then they supply it to you the next day for no additional charge beyond the total cost of your order. Feeling gleeful at the ease & convenience of using a cannabis delivery service for the 1st time, my fiance & I quickly made our initial order. I wanted a few cannabis candies like gummies & chocolate bars while my fiance wanted a few cannabis vape cartridges & a pen battery. That way every one of us could sneak the cannabis pens into the huge music festival without detection. The edibles are perfect for consuming during the day so every one of us can maintain a good level of THC in our bodies at all times.


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