The weed I got on my birthday was delightful

The initial time I got caught smoking pot was back when I was 16 years of age! My dad took my joint away from me, and then right in front of all my good pals he smoked the remainder of it.

Seriously, he crushed half a joint in 3 sizable tokes, and then threw away the roach.

He told me that I was honestly too young to smoke pot, and that when I was 18 he would give me the good stuff. Until then, he better not catch me smoking that weed. I did keep smoking it, of course, although he never caught me. When I finally became 18, he came to my room with a small jar of cannabis from the dispensary. He told me that the stuff I had been smoking was not very good, and this was high-end cannabis that would really lift me up. At that point I had never experienced the high end cannabis from the dispensary in the past, I was limited to the low quality ditch weed available around the school. The difference was insane, and although I had previously thought I enjoyed marijuana, this was basically a new world for me! Just a couple of small hits of this OG Kush from the dispensary and I was feeling amazing! Dad sat with me for awhile, and puffed a lot more of my birthday cannabis than I did, however that was alright with me. It was awesome that smoking marijuana was something exciting that the two of us could do together, an experience the two of us could actually share. After that it was something that the two of us did respectfully together.


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