The used car had a bag of weed in the trunk

Recreational marijuana sales have been legal in this state for 15 years.

My sister and I were about eight years old when the laws were changed.

Our parents did everything they could to keep us from learning about recreational and medical marijuana. Of course we learned about marijuana from television and our friends. When my sister and I were teenagers, we both had a part-time job. We saved up money for an entire year and the two of us decided to buy a car together. We looked at a lot of different used cars. We got some help from our uncle, but my sister and I made the final decision. We decided to pick a four-door sedan that had room for our friends in the back seat and the trunk. My sister and I had to spend all of our money to purchase the car. We really didn’t check much of the car when we made the purchase. My uncle looked at the engine, tires, paint, and transmission. He told us that the car was a good purchase and went back to work. When my sister and I had the car at home, we started cleaning out the back seat and the front so we could wash the car and vacuum the floor and the seat. My sister removed one of the floor mats and there was a compartment under the mat. We opened the compartment and there was a bag of recreational marijuana in the secret compartment. The bag of marijuana was significant in size and it was clearly packaged well. My sister and I had a really fun and interesting summer after we bought the car.

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