The blue dream live rosin was flavorful and thick

I buy cannabis concentrates that are on sale.

I don’t mind getting a good bargain. I never buy live rosin products from the dispensary, because they are extremely expensive. They cost more per dollar than any other product in the store. I can get high using a $20 product, so I don’t think it is budget-friendly for me to spend a ton of money. There was a representative from a supply company at the cannabis dispensary on Wednesday afternoon. I went to the cannabis dispensary to buy an eighth of flower, but I ended up getting a gram of live rosin batter instead. The representative was offering 50% off the live rosin product. They had a couple of different items to pick and one of the products was a Blue Dream Live rosin. Blue Dream is one of my favorite sativa strains. Some people consider Blue Dream a hybrid, but I I think the strain is a sativa. Since blue dream was on the list, I decided to make that my selection. I was not disappointed. The Blue Dream Live rosin product was flavorful and sick. Since the product is made from the live plant, it retains all of the natural cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. This makes the product extremely tasty and very potent. I don’t dab very often, so I tried to hit a small amount of the concentrate. The flavor was filled with blueberries and cloves. I must have gotten more than I anticipated, because I was pretty stoned for the next 4 hours and that was a huge surprise.


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