The biggest cannabis growers in the state

We’re dealing with an ever-changing labor market which is seeing huge increases in minimum wage for the first time in generations. Although that has inadvertently made all of our problems with inflation far worse in the short term, I hope that it will improve the labor conditions for all workers moving forward into the longer-term future. On a single hand, it has forced managers to offer to pay more competitive wages & also to supply employees a reason to stay with their dealership. I wasn’t glad with the last job I had so I looked around & found a position with the highest pay, finest benefits, & most understanding management. My closest neighbor is a grower in the medicinal marijuana industry in our state. He said that the best companies are willing to spend top dollar on the most skilled marijuana growers in the area. Some of them get scooped from competing companies that promise better money & an improved employee atmosphere. It would make sense to myself and others that the best cannabis growers would like to task for the best cannabis dispensaries in the state, leaving only the less experienced growers to staff the lowest quality cannabis dispensaries. The marijuana at a single of my favorite weed dispensaries dropped considerably in quality & effectis after they lost their master grower to their competitor. I read some online rumors that the workplace environment had become so toxic that hordes of other people quit at exactly the same time. Now they’re growing cannabis for a corporation that I was never a huge proponent of, but who knows it’s possible that their products will improve with new talent.


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