Saving cannabis for a rainy day, or a quarantine

My mother said that unless you learn something the hard way, you don’t really learn it.

Because of this, there were a fair number of childhood accidents around the house. But I never had to learn a lesson twice, because when you learn it the hard way, it sticks! I learned the hard way that you have to take care of your car, because when you don’t, it will break down and leave you stranded. More recently I learned another hard lesson, about taking the cannabis dispensary for granted. When the cannabis dispensary is within walking distance, there is no longer any pressure to “stock up” or buy more pot than I needed. Instead of buying a half an ounce to hold me for a while, I would pick and choose a few grams of the newest, tastiest-looking cannabis buds. Why buy too much when I can just walk back to the cannabis dispensary the next day and get a couple more grams? COVID taught me a valuable lesson about taking the cannabis dispensary for granted, or assuming that I could get marijuana whenever I wanted it. After that I started to stockpile a little cannabis at a time, making a sort of “savings account” that I would keep hidden until there was an emergency. Like mom said, I learned my lesson the hard way, and going two weeks without any cannabis to smoke was a torture I would prefer never to repeat! I hope there is never another lockdown, but if there is I have a fallback supply of cannabis to get me through.

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