My older sibling makes hashish out of bulk cannabis flower buds

My sibling Max is the guy who introduced myself and others to marijuana for the first time.

Max & his pals were smoking in the woods behind our lake house & they decided to let myself and others try a single hit from the bong if I promised to keep my mouth shut. I still remember how I felt picking up the bong & bringing it to my lips, not sure what was about to happen to my mind in the process. It was such an amazing experience, & I wanted to try it again soon thereafter. By the time I had reached college, I was using cannabis yearly. After I finished school, I had become a frequent user of marijuana. During this time my sibling moved out west to task for the cannabis industry. Max started as a bud trimmer & slowly worked his way up the ladder to become a skilled marijuana grower. But it was concentrate creation that he was the most interested in, because Max was always an avid fan of hashish. Although he is no longer certainly working for a cannabis dealer, Max still makes his own artisan hashish from bulk cannabis flower buds that he gets from a few select dispensaries when they’re running sales on quality batches. As the saying goes, “quality in and quality out.” You’re not going to make good hashish with inferior cannabis. I don’t think if I could get hashish from a cannabis dispensary now that I have had my sibling’s hash. Max makes recognizably flavorful batches of hash from flower buds if the terpene percentage is higher than 3%. It’s very difficult because some of the cannabis dispensaries in our state have very inconsistent products & a single week they’ll be good while another week they won’t be.

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