My ID was not showing up in the marijuana registry

I explained the situation and the manager got on the iPad.

When you go into the marijuana dispensary, the first thing you have to do is present your ID and medical marijuana card to the person at the front counter! I have been a patient for 2 years and I always go to the same medical marijuana dispensary. There is only one in my town, so I’m there each week. I saw a new face behind the counter on Friday. The new person asked me for my identification cards. She tried to tell me that I wasn’t in the marijuana registry. I calmly told the woman that was impossible, because I had my identification cards right there. The expiration date on my medical marijuana card wasn’t for another 3 months. The lady told me that she had to follow the information on the computer. She wasn’t going to let me into the dispensary. I was beyond surprised. I told the woman to get the manager instantly. I wasn’t going anywhere. The manager came out to the lobby a few minutes later. I explained the situation and the manager got on the iPad. She looked at a couple of different pages and then she whispered something to the lady that was finally working at the desk. The manager said there must have been a technical error. She gave me no other apology or explanation, and that was the last thing she said to me before going back to her office. I tried to get the front counter person to tell me what the problem was, although she didn’t want to discuss the registry information or my personal account.
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