My cannabis oil pen is great for taking quick dabs on the go

After numerous years of certainly working at home exclusively, I finally returned to an office again for more than seven hours every workday.

Unfortunately, my manager’s corporation moved its location to a town that is over an hour away from my house.

With the longer commute, I have to be on the road for 2 hours minimum every workday & I have tried to make the best out of it by listening to audiobooks. It’s far better than spending my time on talk boombox or just mindlessly listening to Itunes, but I still get frustrated by having to be away from home so much just for my job. That’s a ton of time consumed by just commuting to my job everyday. One thing that helps myself and others on the stressful drives is my cannabis oil pen. I don’t put cannabis concentrates with lots of THC content inside; instead, I simply dab a strong CBD concentrate to melt away my stress & anxiety without getting stoned. There’s no risk of getting in trouble with the police & getting a DUI either. Dabbing a higher THC extract while behind the wheel of a car is a certainly exhausting idea. You could get super high on accident & become a hazard to all of the other drivers on the road. That’s why I wait until I’m back at home to consume cannabis products with lots of THC inside. It’s like avoiding the car ride when you’ve been stressed drinking. And if the risk is losing your medical marijuana Rx card, why bother in the first site? I’ll just wait until I get home to consume my super high THC cannabis products.

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