My brother passed away too soon

My brother regularly had a problem with depression, and when all of us were boys, he spent most of his time alone in his bedroom. However, I tried to get him to come outside of the bedroom but he sat in there alone and sad, he developed an eating problem. He would not come downstairs to eat with the rest of the family! My mom and dad were concerned and they took my brother to the doctor, but they did not get any help that would have made a difference. The doctor told my mom and dad that my brother was depressed. They thought he was being a brat because he did not want to eat the food that my mom and dad cooked. None of those things were true. My brother had an actual medical problem that needed to be addressed. My parents failed my brother and so did all of the Health Care Professionals. I really think that if medical marijuana had been legal back then, my brother might have gotten the actual help that he needed. They could have prescribed medical marijuana to help with his depression, and the medical marijuana would have also helped with the eating disorder. Medical marijuana is often prescribed for eating disorders and depression. Marijuana is legal now, however it wasn’t many years ago when my brother was sick and needed help. My brother was taken from me too early. If he would have had access to better medications and better doctors, then he might still be with me today. It’s difficult not to think about that every time I see a picture of my brother.


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