Might change to full spectrum if it doesn’t work

I have a lot of hip pain from gymnastics semi-professionally in our teens & early 20s.

  • Back then we thought the exercises I was doing were enjoyable for our body, however now it seems like long term damage was inevitable.

On top of it, the coaches & sporting figures in the activity are extremely misleading in how they represent the risks, like you see with rugby & head injuries. What happened was slow & gradual, however the damage to our nerves was permanent. I get numbness going down our leg into our left foot on a weekly basis, although I don’t entirely notice it as much if I’m sitting in a chair with great back & leg support. I’ll admit, there are some days when the pain is so bad that I reach for our bottles of ibuprofen & acetaminophen to calm the pain. A friend of mine who’s an avid cannabis user urged me to try CBD for our hip pain. Despite our hesitance & worry, I decided to try CBD. The person behind the counter at the CBD store told me that I could buy pure CBD or full spectrum CBD. He said the full spectrum CBD has other cannabinoids & terpenes that add to the qualitative effects, although I didn’t entirely believe what that meant. I tried the pure CBD isolate & noticed some pain relief, but it was the full spectrum CBD that worked the best for our hip pain. Even if it costs more money, I would much rather take the full spectrumCBD products if I want repeatable benefits that don’t diminish from batch to batch.



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