It’s so much easier to sleep after you have a strong indica

I have struggled with intermittent sleeping issues for the majority of my life after I reached high school age.

I know that my mind is prone to anxiety & I struggle to calm myself down when I’m in bed in the evening & trying to nod off as fast as possible.

Besides, it was around this time when I started consuming coffee yearly so it’s quite possible that the caffeine in my bloodstream hasn’t been conducive towards healthy sleep either. One of the 1st things that I did to assist myself with getting to sleep on evenings when my insomnia was recognizably exhausting was to take some diphenhydramine, or Benadryl. Other evenings I would alternate the dust sensitivity medicine with enhanced melatonin supplements. This was a good solution for my insomnia until I got to school & started to use cannabis yearly. Although sativa strains of cannabis supply myself and others very energizing effects, I tend to always know sedated after consuming strong indica strains. Mandarin Dream, Purple Kush, Blue Rez, & Skywalker OG are all indica strains that help myself and others calm down & sleep every evening. If you’re like myself and others & you’re dabbing power cannabis concentrates with higher THC satisfieds, then you think just how powerful it is to take a big dab of a powerful indica after a hard day of difficult work. And when I’m done with my evening & just want to slip away into a peaceful sleep, it’s no easier than getting out my jar of 9lb Hammer Live Resin to throw on my high test quartz banger after a quick preheating. You can’t beat strong indicas at evening if you need a pleasant & restful sleep.


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