I stuck with the cannabis delivery

I used to go to the same cannabis dispensary every month to pick up our oils, edibles and occasionally a new topical.

  • When the virus hit I wasn’t able to get to the legal weed dispensary.

I kept waiting for them to open their doors. Nah, they weren’t opening. In the meantime I needed our cannabis products. I then started hunting for a new cannabis shop near me. I found 1 that is a bit further away but I feel it is nicer. They offer a wider selection of edibles than I am used to. I can get more than sweet treats. There are butters, cooking oils, mints, gummies, plus tablets. I also can get all bizarre flavored oils, cannabis infused pops plus mouth sprays. They even have a cool CBD infused body collection. What is honestly wonderful is that this weed dispensary offers weed delivery. I don’t even need to go into the shop. In the height of COVID, delivery services were key. It was nice that I didn’t have to rest outside the dispensary waiting for our order. I just paid a small amount of cash and was fine for contactless delivery. I loved it. Now that the store is open, I do choose to walk into the dispensary more often than not. I see our seasoned cannabis dispensary is now open too. I haven’t been back there in years. I am now used to the other store plus they offer cannabis delivery. There honestly is no reason for me to leave them. They have everything I could ever want.



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