I only own a bike now

I have gotten rid of my truck and now I rely on a bike, and everything I need is right in town, but there is no reason to drive a car when I can actually go my bike… I save so much money on oil changes, buying gas, car repairs and washes.

I also don’t have to worry about drinking and driving.

I am way healthier riding a bike all over too. I make certain to ride in style. I have bike lights, a mounted music system, water bottle holder and a bag to carry my stuff, and most places offer delivery services too, so I don’t even need to make the bike trip over. My cannabis dispensary now offers weed delivery services. If I spend over fifty bucks I don’t even have to spend money on the delivery fee. I usually do a once a month cannabis delivery and then if I need something different, make the bike ride in. It is nice that the recreational weed dispensary near me is a fun bike ride. I basically can drive along a paved bike path the whole way. I am in direct sun and I get a cool breeze. I only cross a single major traffic light and cars are pretty wonderful about letting me go through. What is great is that cannabis items are quite tiny. When I go grocery shopping I need to be careful not to put too much in my bag or I could tip over. With my cannabis products, I could actually stuff them in a jacket and not even notice them on the ride home.

Weed delivery near me