I just want to see my mother laugh more often

My mother most definitely is the matriarch of our family, and that means that she is more than a biological mother, she is a leader. Mom acts as an advisor plus an authority figure to me, my siblings, plus a host of other cousins plus friends we have gathered over the years! Anyone who comes to our property ends up being taken care of by Mom, in some way or the other! She has regularly been so reserved, so regal, plus so drastic when it comes to certain things, that it came as a pretty serious shock to me when I learned she was a common cannabis user. When I actually think about smoking cannabis, I tend to think about the enjoyable feeling of being relaxed plus chilled out. My mom never seemed relaxed or chilled out at all, plus yet obviously she smoked marijuana almost every single morning of her adult life. It made me feel completely depressed, not because I don’t approve, however because how could somebody choose to smoke so much cannabis plus not laugh far more often? If she is so strict while on cannabis, then without it she would definitely go nuts all the time. It turns out that Mom never smoked it, she only would enjoy the edibles to help her stay relaxed. I decided to bring up the subject with her, plus recommended that on top of the edibles, she should smoke a bowl or several with me plus get completely high. Edibles are great for the physical feeling, however to actually become giddy plus ridiculous, smoking is the most excellent way to go. She agreed, plus after that was the first time I ever heard my mother giggle something like a school child.


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