I got some fire weed on my birthday

The first time I was actually caught smoking pot was when I was 16! My father took my joint away from me, plus then right in front of all my buddies he smoked the rest of it.

Honestly, he crushed half a joint in some mean tokes, plus then tossed the roach.

He told me that I was too young to smoke cannabis, plus that when I was 18 he would hook me up with something nice! Until then, he better not catch me smoking weed at all. I did keep smoking it though, although he never caught me. The day after I turned 18, he came to my room with a little jar of cannabis from the dispensary. He told me that the stuff I had been smoking was shwag, plus this was high-end cannabis that would knock my shoes off. At that point I had never tried the high end cannabis from the dispensary, I was limited to whatever low quality crap was available around the school. The difference was night plus day. I had previously thought I enjoyed marijuana, this was a whole new experience though! Just a few tokes of this Blue Dream from the dispensary plus I was sitting down plus not having the desire to get back up! My father sat with me, plus puffed way more of my cannabis than I did, however that was fine. It was wonderful that smoking marijuana was something fun that the two of us could do together, an experience the two of us could share. After that it was something that the two of us did officially together moving forward.

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